Why my boy is smarter than me.

So we went to the Tennessee Aquarium this weekend. And once again, my six year old son proved he’s smarter than me.

On the way there, he saw a sign for the Aquarium that advertised their penguin exhibit.  Very cool, and he got excited.  He asked me if they had “Macaroni Penguins.”  I tried not to laugh, I mean really… Macaroni?  But told him we’d have to see.

We get there, and our tour guide takes us first to see the Penguins.  Now this is an overnight trip where we slept at the Aquarium and got to see all sorts of stuff behind the scenes.  So the boy asks again…  “Will we see Macaroni Penguins?”

Since the tour guide would be dealing with kids all night long, I figured this is a good chance to see how she handles silly questions.  So I told the boy to ask the guide.  Which he did.

Imagine my surprise when she said “We sure do.  We have 11 adults and a baby.”

Wait.  There really are Macaroni Penguins?

So I ask the boy where he heard about them.  “Diego.”

Score one for Nick Jr.

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  1. I googled :macaroni penguins” (I’d never heard of them either). They’re cool looking. Wasn’t there a penguin surfer movie with these guys?

    1. Yes. It turns out that there was. Although they weren’t called that, I don’t think. Or I don’t recall that they were known as such.

      My son can also explain what the KT Boundary is, why it is important, and what it meant for the dinosaurs. He constantly amazes me.

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