Huntsville City School Board Meetings


There are a couple of meetings that I wanted everyone to be aware of.

First tonight (April 4, 2011) at 5:30pm Wednesday night (April 6, 2011) at 5:30pm, Mrs. Amy Sledge, Special Ed Director of Huntsville City Schools, and Dr. Pruitt, Assistant Director of Special Ed, will update parents on the relocation plans for our children with special needs. If you have a child in the Huntsville City Schools System on the autism spectrum or one who has special needs, you are highly encouraged to attend.

Additionally, I would also recommend that those who do not have a special needs child, but do have a child in Huntsville City Schools also plan to attend. Simply put, if the school board can decide to relocate or as I put it, segregate, our children, they can also do something similar to yours without regard for your child’s well-being, relationships, or educational benefit.

This meeting will be held in the Mertz Center Board Room (2nd floor), 200 White Street, Huntsville at 5:30pm today Wednesday.

Additionally, the regularly scheduled school board meeting will be this Thursday evening, April 7, 2011 at 5:30pm in the Mertz Center Board Room (2nd floor), 200 White Street, Huntsville.

If you are able to attend, please do so.

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