81 Arrests in 53 Days “A Sign of High Standards”


Bored By Citizens' Comments

So last night’s meeting brought many wonderful insights. Perhaps the most interesting took place after the meeting when Dr. Wardynski was being interviewed by WAFF about the 81 arrests being made in Huntsville City Schools during the first nine weeks of the school year. According to Dr. Wardynski, having numbers that are twice as high as Birmingham is actually a good thing that the city should be grateful for as other cities “have a whole different approach to capturing statistics.”

Um, yeah. Birmingham and Mobile Police Departments and schools systems don’t track the number of arrests that occur in their schools. That’s why they’ve only tracked 39 of them in Birmingham this year. Because, you know, they’re not tracking them.

Uh, I didn’t do it.

Once again we see the Bart Simpson defense being employed: “Uh, I didn’t do it.”

No poorly planned change in the pedagogy of the system, no ethics violation, no statistic, no pleas from parents, no amount of money being returned to the federal government, no abuse of children is so egregious that our superintendent cannot spin it so he comes out smelling rosy: at least to himself and to the board of education. Just don’t catch him off guard. If you do, well, he just doesn’t have time to respond to ankle-biters.

Clearly the reason that there have been 81 arrests made in the district is because other cities don’t love their kids as much as we do.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this up if you tried.

Pay No Attention . . .

And once again the wizard implores us to forget what he said and claimed before about principals not having discipline problems anymore. When it suits his purposes to claim that there are no discipline issues as a result of the digital initiative, he’ll claim there are no discipline issues. When you show him statistics that he cannot change at will, well those statistics “prove” that Huntsville City has higher standards than anyone else.

Yes, logic and honesty have left the building and the district.

So what do these 81 Arrests show?

  1. The superintendent’s claim that we’re not having discipline issues in the district anymore because of the digital initiative is not true. We are having discipline issues in the district. According to the Huntsville Police Department, these issues are happening at about the same level as they did last year.
  2. The superintendent is manipulating the district’s student incident report statistics by changing the way student incidents are reported. Huh, where have I heard about that before? Oh yeah, Dr. Wardynski accused Birmingham and Mobile of changing the way they report incidents in his defense of our own numbers being twice as high.
  3. The superintendent is ready and willing to blame anyone so that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for the results of his own actions.
  4. They show that we have a problem in our school system that our superintendent and school board (who made no mention of these arrests last night during the board meeting, just as they’ve made no mention of the Pinnacle abuse stories since those broke) are completely unwilling to address.

This is what we see in this report. That’s what these numbers show. That we have a superintendent and a board that is willing to claim anything, no matter how illogical or hurtful, just as long as the blame doesn’t fall on him.

Another Arrest Added To The Mix

Julian Lorenzo Boykin

On Halloween, Huntsville Police Department arrested Julian Lorenzo Boykin for “torture and willful abuse of a child” in connection with the abuse of a thirteen year old child at the Pinnacle Schools on October 10th. Since that time, at least three families have filed complaints about this incident.

Neither the Superintendent nor the Board of Education has made any mention in the board meetings about the abuse taking place at The Pinnacle Schools over the past month. Not one single mention.

I guess they haven’t figured out a way to spin an adult torturing and abusing a child that they placed in his care yet.

Ultimately, the board and the superintendent are responsible for this torture and abuse. I’m sure that they will find a way to shirk their responsibility again.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. Torture and willful abuse of a child is a class c felony.

    A class c felony is with conviction, the sentence is no less than two years and no more than twenty years. If firearm or other deadly weapon is used the minimum sentence is ten years. Fine are no more than $5000.

    The court may not agree, but since Mr. Boykin is an avid body builder, I’d think his hands are a deadly weapon when used against a child.

  2. Facts are important in any legal case. Right now the public does not have any facts. What we have is a picture of an abused child and a man being accused. Let’s see where the facts take the case before we say that this man or the school is abusing anyone.

  3. FYI
    No physical or occupational therapist teachers received the 700 dollar for their classes. These teachers have been given no computers to use at school and must use their own. Why did they not receive a computer? Why did they not receive 700 dollars to spend for supplies. This school system is soo rotten-it is being run by a bunch of bums- this school system is such an embarrassment!

    1. My check said for instructional other. Taxes were taken out. Since I paid taxes on this money I consider it income, not classroom funding. I have NOTHING in writing telling me what this money is for.

    2. I was not aware that physical therapists and occupational therapists were considered teachers. I thought that therapy was provided as a service instead of a class. I’m pretty sure that guidance counselors didn’t receive this money either, even thought they conduct classes and are certified teachers. Interesting…

      1. The $700 was not supply money. That stipend will come in January in the amount of $350. It will be put on teacher accounts with the school, not in personal accounts. The $700 was applied in lew of a salary raise. Teachers were led to believe this money was tied to their Pearson training and if they did not complete Pearson training the monies would be retracted. This was not true.

      2. Yes, the O T and P T teachers do have classes-sometimes 5 autistic students at a time. Also, the English language teachers received the $700. Don’t they provide a service?

  4. I observed at Chapman, lol. Kids in 6th are watching PORN on the laptops in the classroom. Yeah, no discipline problems at all…hahaha.

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