Wardynski Requests a Three Year Contract Extension

Wardynski's Contract

Last night the board announced that they’ve been holding discussions with the superintendent about extending his contract which is due to expire on June 20, 2014, to June 30, 2017. He has requested to receive a three-year extension to his contract, an increase in his car allowance of $200 per month (from $600 to $800), and in return he is willing to give up his incentive bonus of up to $10,000 per year. Last year his incentive bonus was $9,920.

Contract Extension to Quell Rumors

Wardynski claims that he needs to receive this contract extension to put to rest “rumors about the superintendent interviewing for jobs in other districts.”

I often hear rumors about things occurring in the district. I heard about Spinelli’s resignation about 4 months before it occurred. I heard rumors about his harassment complaints before the superintendent discussed them at a board meeting in February.

I’ve heard rumors about Dr. Wardynski as well.

I don’t publish rumors. However, last night Mrs. McCaulley and Dr. Wardynski acknowledged the existence of rumors of his interviewing with other districts. So, one collection of rumors I had heard was that he was traveling for interviews in New York, Florida, and Maryland.

Illogical Reasoning . . . As Usual

Let’s look at the logic here:

  • There have been rumors about Dr. Wardynski traveling for interviews in other districts in at least three separate states. Mrs. McCaulley and Dr. Wardynski confirmed the existence of the rumors last night. There was no discussion of whether or not the rumors were true or not.
  • So instead of confirming or denying the rumors, Dr. Wardynski’s response was to request a three year contract extension from the board.
  • He and the board concluded that such an extension would confirm his commitment to Huntsville.

There seems to be a problem here doesn’t there?

If Dr. Wardynski wishes to confirm his commitment to Huntsville, why is he asking for Huntsville to confirm our commitment to him?

Wouldn’t it make more sense, wouldn’t it be more logical for Dr. Wardynski to simply:

  1. State that he isn’t interviewing with other districts?
  2. State that he has interviewed with other districts, but that he has decided that Huntsville is far and away the best place for him?
  3. Stop accepting interviews with other districts?
  4. State that he isn’t interested in leaving?

Asking for a contract extension to prove your desire to stay is kinda like asking your wife for permission to cheat, so you can prove to her how committed you are to the marriage.

It just doesn’t work that way.

He wants us to tell him and the rest of the nation that we really  want him to stay. This will make a great bargaining tool when he’s negotiating and interviewing with other districts. Just as many companies will not hire someone who is unemployed, Wardynski looks better to other districts when his contract isn’t about to expire.

Extending his contract says absolutely nothing about his desire to stay here as the board claimed last night.

As Clause 13 of the contract states, the contract isn’t binding on him. It requests a three month notice, but if he doesn’t give one, all that will mean is that he won’t be paid the $43,749.99 for that time. In other words, all of the burden rests on the district. None rests on Wardynski. He can still interview with other districts. He can still accept another job. Giving him a three year extension doesn’t prove commitment to the district. The three year commitment proves the district’s commitment to him.

He can, despite the extension, leave at any time.

So if he actually wants to prove, as McCaulley claimed, that “he’s committed to Huntsville,” here are a few things he can do:

  1. Say, “I am not interviewing with any other job.”
  2. Refuse to accept the bonus he is receiving until teachers STEP raises are restored.
  3. Refuse to discuss a contract extension.

If he’s really committed to Huntsville, he should be willing to work out his existing contract without requiring additional promises from the district. If anything, asking for an extension proves that he is not committed to our district.

There is no logical reason for the board of education to extend his contract at this point.

So, they will likely do just that.

If you believe that they should politely tell the superintendent where he can put his “suggestion” of a contract extension, please contact your board member and let them know what you think. You may reach them at the email/phone numbers below:

Please contact them immediately and let them know what you think of their logic. It’s possible, just possible, that they might actually listen.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. The BOE is surrendering to BLACKMAIL. If he was committed to HCS’ he would perform the job he was hired to do with the original contract. When he gets through the HCS it will be looking worst than 2010 and Dr. Richardson will be returning to the helm. All I can say is it has to fall apart before the community stands up. I am trying to do my part. SMH:-(

    1. Since when has this BOE ever listened to the people they were elected to represent? We can call, fax, email until we are blue in the face, and the cows come home, this BOE marches to the beat of a different drummer.

  2. Here’s my [conspiracy of one] theory. In about 18 months’ time, the torture case against the Pinnacle guard will have worked its way through the criminal courts, and regardless of outcome, the civil suits will start rolling in, and there will be much ugliness exposed. So W asking for an extension should be viewed as a pre-emptive strike. If he gets it, he is either employed for 3 more years regardless of how foul he stinks (a win for him, a loss for us), or to get rid of the stench, he will have to be bought out of his contract (again, a win for him and a loss for us). Don’t underestimate his cunning and the BoE’s stupidity (the 4 who never ask Why? + 1 who may — or may not).

    1. Here is my conspiracy theory….Wardynski will get an extension on his contract because he is doing the job he was bought here to do….privatize the public school system for the status quo.

  3. If giving him an extension will make him look better to other districts and therefore make them more likely to take him away, then I am completely in favor of giving him the extension…

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