For Freedom: Love



When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to chew gum in church. I never understood this. Gum is good. It’s fun. It’s sweet! How silly that a free boy, in a free church, in a free land, couldn’t chew gum!

It’s not like Jesus didn’t like gum. After all, as was pointed out to me by a really smart little kid many years later, gum hadn’t even been invented yet.

So, why this silly infringement upon my freedom? I’m an ‘MERICAN! I should be able to chew gum in church if I want.

Even as a snotty little kid, I understood that Christ had set me free. So why can’t I use my freedom anyway I want?

If I can’t chew gum in church, what is freedom for?

It’s for love. Plain and simple, love.

(Life is so much easier when you can pick and choose the verses you want, isn’t it?)

Freedom isn’t about bubble gum. It isn’t about BBQ. It isn’t about war or American exceptionalism.

It’s about loving our neighbor, all of our neighbors regardless of what language they speak, as ourselves.

Bubble gum, isn’t freedom. But sharing bubble gum with those who don’t have any is.

We are free to love; nothing more, nothing less.

Happy 4th y’all.


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