HCS Special Board Meeting Tomorrow at 12:00pm

There will be a Huntsville City School Board meeting tomorrow (Aug. 11, 2011) at 12:00 noon to discuss the following items:

  1. Human Resources Report
  2. Temporary Agreement (s)
  3. Director of Community Engagement and Partnership Development Job Description

I’m glad to see that they are meeting and planning to discuss these items at a special called meeting; I know that both of my kids’ schools are understaffed and have multiple subs filling in for both teachers and instructional assistants because of the delays in hiring this year. It’s good to see that the board and the superintendent are working to address these shortages.

It will also be interesting to hear how they are justifying yet another central office position while our classrooms are still understaffed.

My son is safe in his classroom. They have enough staff there to ensure that, but there is a HUGE difference between keeping kids safe and actually being able to educate them.

And our schools exist to educate not to babysit.

I suspect that the meeting will be broadcast on ETV (Comcast 17, Knology 99-it has recently moved from 71), and at the Huntsville City Schools website. I will also be live-tweeting the meeting @russwinn. You can follow on Twitter or on the Geek Palaver Facebook Page.

Once again, we seem to be having to remind them that they need to put students first.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.