Rocket City Bloggers: On Education


“If you want to witness a miracle, watch a teacher teach. And you will believe.”

It is my distinct honor to play host to a collection of excellent writers who share their ideas on education. If you’re used to reading my stuff, please take a few minutes to read the writings of my friends from here in the Rocket City. Their takes on education are all well worth your time.

Education is an amazing, miraculous process of communicating, uncovering and connecting with our brothers and sisters who are passing through this world with us. It is, to steal a line, our last, best hope of co-creating a world in which we would all want to live.

It is a miracle.

Come join in this miracle with a few of the best writers in the city.


Thank you Rocket City Bloggers for allowing me to learn from you all.

Education is a miracle.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. Thank you for your astute analysis. I hope you continue to share these uncomfortable truths with the local Business Roundtable types who are running our public schools into the ground as they turn them into corporate revenue streams and tax havens for the 1%ers.

    I’d like to re-post at SM, with your permission. Best, Jim

    1. I assume that you’re talking about the “Good” vs. “Poor” post on TFA. If so, yes you may repost that one. This post isn’t really mine, but rather a collection of local writers.

      Thanks for reading and for making me aware of your work. I’m sure I’ll be reading your stuff often going forward. I’m still too new at this. 🙂


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