Wardynski Has No Decency


Today, in response to our rally in the rain, Dr. Wardynski granted the Huntsville Times an interview concerning the Butler incident on September 17th. In this interview, Dr. Wardynski once again, “told The Times . . . that the girl has been granted a transfer to Xxxxxx High while the school investigates the allegations . . . .”

He has again, again, announced to the city where this child was being transferred to. In the words of Joseph N. Welch, “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you no sense of decency?”

Clearly, this man, whom three of the five current board members voted to hire last July, has none.

None, whatsoever.

Wardynski Shamelessly Reveals the Placement of the Victim Again

Some have claimed both here and on other news media outlets and blogs across the city that the mother of the victim was the first to reveal the name of the school to which her daughter was being transferred.

This could not be further from the truth.

I have met the mom. She is suffering attempting to know what to do for her daughter at this point, as any mother–or parent–would be. She has not revealed to the community where her daughter was transferred to.

No, Dr. Wardynski alone and through a “district spokesperson” has been the one responsible for revealing to the entire city.

While it is possible that he is within the letter of the law to reveal this information on such a consistent and regular basis, he certainly is not within the bounds of human decency for doing so.

Once again, he is going out of his way to blame the victim and to victimize her yet again for being involved in, as he described it to The Times, “horseplay.”

He is, in other words, taking his standard approach to problems and issues raised by parents about the district of blaming and accusing the parents for these problems. He is, as he said once to a close friend, telling all of us, “Don’t tell me how to do my job.”

Well, sir, it seems that someone needs to.

It would be nice to have a superintendent who didn’t accuse the victim of being involved in “horseplay.”

It would be nice to have a superintendent who didn’t implicitly blame the mother for not “disenrolling” her daughter Thursday night after he granted her a temporary transfer once the central office had closed.

It would be nice, in other words, to have a superintendent who could actually empathize with a young girl who was beaten, stripped and embarrassed in front of her classmates.

But no.

The Superintendent We Deserve

Instead we have one who believes that he knows more about education than those who have dedicated their entire lives to the calling.

Instead we have one who believes that he knows more about meeting the needs of special education students than either trained professionals, experienced aides or their parents.

Instead we have one who has the gall to believe that he knows more about parenting your children than you do, and he certainly believes he knows more about it than the victim’s mother.

What Not to Say to a Parent

Twice in my short life as a parent I’ve had other adults say to me, “We love your children almost as much as you . . . .”

Most parents cannot even begin to imagine saying that to another parent because we know, absolutely know, that no matter how much we care for the children of our friends, there’s simply no way that we can love them anywhere near as much as their parents do. It’s simply not possible.

And yet, twice now I’ve been told this by two people.

Strangely enough, both of these people are currently in the upper echelons of the senior administration for Huntsville City Schools. One is a fairly new employee to the district who said a couple of years ago before starting work with the district.

The other, I’m sure will come as no surprise, was Dr. Casey Wardynski via an email on April 11, 2012.

The man truly believes that he, and he alone, knows how to raise your children.

It’s a shame he’s incapable of showing it during the aftermath of his actions and decisions at Butler High.

20121001Bullying Rally


Just so there’s no misunderstanding: despite the fact that the district has chosen to regularly and consistently reveal the schools that they have temporarily transferred this young girl to, and despite the fact that other media outlets continue to report the location openly, I will not do so here out of respect for this young girl and her family.

I will also ask any of my commenters on the blog to also refrain from using the name of the school. I will edit any comment that specifically refers to the name of the student or where she is or is not transferred in the future. I’m not doing this to silence anyone’s opinion or comments; I’m doing this out of respect for the family.

I call on all the major media outlets in Huntsville to do the same. I don’t care if it’s legal (I don’t believe it is); it isn’t right.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. Thanks Russ, there is one thing for certain: we will not allow this indecency be swept under the rug. This will not go away.

  2. Why is it “Horseplay” to the Times but a “Class Two Offense” to WAFF? And. It was an improperly request transfer to the Times, but she only talked to the police to WAFF?

    His interviews aren’t making sense.

  3. Wardynski’s language in the WAFF story is striking: I cannot believe that he is quoted as saying “In a school system, it’s not about putting students on a magical mystery tour of schools.”

    Condecending much? Good thing the school board removed communication as a factor in his appraisal.

    re no evidence of continuing harrassment on social media: did they bother to ask the mother to print copies of it? I doubt Wardynski or Butler’s principal have “liked” those girls pages.

  4. Wardynski didn’t have a problem declaring the fight in the boys bathroom at Lee High School a “gang iniation”and shipping the boys off to Pinnacle without an investigation, despite the fact the boys ate lunch together afterwards.

  5. Please explain how Frank Spinelli resigned from HCS effective 9/20/12 and on that same night at board meeting was issued a contract in another company’s name; board approved however, the company belongs to him. Deciet, dishonest, fraud…… The board is aware! What is this about?

  6. The man has the compassion of a turnip.

    There is NO mention of “temporary” transfers in the HCS Policy Manual.

    In fact, there is every reason to believe that all transfers are considered permanent: “Only in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Superintendent or Delegate Assistant Superintendent will consideration be given for the student to transfer to a different school during the school year if a transfer has already been given for or within that year.”

    1. According to my sources the district is denying majority to minority transfers citing lack of space.

  7. A pompus person has no compassion. Furthermore, why hasn’t the principal of BHS been called out? She is one of the “W’s” handpicked followers who absolutely has no compassion on the students. Read about her time in New York. Google Lisa Hachar Bronx New York. By the way, the correct word is “withdrawn” not “disenroll.” But he would know that if he had ever served as a principal.

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