Open Letter: BOE Extends Wardynski’s Contract to 2016

12-4 School Board

Ms. McCaulley, Mr. Birney, Mr. Blair, Dr. Robinson, and Mr. Culbreath:

In extending Dr. Wardynski’s contract tonight, the five of you, unanimously, voted to support the following:

These are just some of the things that you voted to continue tonight. These are the things that you were applauding. These are the things that you were patting yourselves on the back for.

You should be ashamed.

Just one simple fact clearly illustrates just how far off track the five of you actually are.

Seven days after 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school you spent four minutes talking about the safety of our children. (And 90 seconds of that was spent with Dr. Robinson telling Dr. Wardynski just how amazing he is.)

By comparison, you spent 28 minutes talking about property management.

You should be ashamed.

Oh, and don’t worry about responding to me. I’ve learned that the board doesn’t actually “study any concerns” brought to it. Feel free to ignore any issue I’ve raised here. Four of you have been doing so for the past 18 months anyway.

I just wanted it to be clear that these are the things that you voted to support tonight.

I know it. You know it. The public knows it.

You should be ashamed.


Russell Winn

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. And the rest of us should also be ashamed for selecting this board, and allowing them to do business on our behalf. This is the least responsive, most chicken-shit (pardon the language) group of “representatives” in government — and that says quite a lot.

  2. The only good that can come from this is that possibly he will be more attractive to someone else and he will leave to doom yet another school system.

  3. I agree with you Disgusted Voter. He is filling his war chest with all of these awards and accolades I am hoping he is attracting big bees to leave. What is really sad there is not enough disappointed voters to make a difference for our children’s future.

  4. So, the WARdynski public education continues for another two years. I’m sure he will be “attractive” to the next public school district who wants a WARdynski to do the following:

    Casey you have to break the mold and prove you’re not afraid of minorities, democrats, liberals, aclu types and the entire entitlement crowd! Do that, and you’ll be doing the job you were hired to do! Oh yeah, not to mention striking down all racial transfers. And that includes allowing not allowing whites to racially transfer either. If you don’t like where your child goes to school, move to where they can be zoned into a school of your preference, that’s what I had to do!

    All is well when all is well. Strike that. All is well when there is the perception all is well.

  5. SO, Wardynski scored a 92 out of 100 on his report card? Amazing. I sat there last night shaking my head as the heaps of praise and blather pour out among the cheerleaders sitting on the Board. Has anyone ever noticed that ALL of the praise and adulation heaped on Wardynski ONLY comes from the Board members sitting around him, and never from anyone in the audience? I was hoping last night to hear at least one vote of dissent. One voice to object. The closest that came was when Topper Birney simply asked “why is this extension being requested?” The answer: because it shows all those industries wanting to relocate to Huntsville that there is a superintendent serious enough and committed enough to stay. Uh, really? This Board showed that it would rather sing in blind harmony with its leader, than express diverse, and perhaps, controversial opinion. And there is NO WAY, that these board members are representing the opinions of their constituency.

    1. The board, led by Robinson’s sycophantic praise, are Wardynski’s loudest fans. They sing his praises biweekly.

      It’s entirely about him.

  6. I vote and I will NOT be voting for the same board member…btw I’m in “Dr.” Robinson’s district. I hope the word will get out when the others’ time has come. Every HCS educator I have spoken with is NOT happy and afraid to speak up. Is this democracy? It sounds as if we have another “little dictator!”

    1. They are going to continue on ignoring what WE know to be true to follow Wardynski without a word of opposition unless these educators begin to speak up. They have several ways of doing this anonymously if they so desire. True, the anonymous approach won’t be quiet as effective but it’s better than silence. They can speak through news channels or through S.O.S-Support Our Students.anonymously. Also, when I wrote to the board about this vote I stressed that we couldn’t do anything about their vote, but we CAN do something about OURS! Please encourage parents and educators to find their voice…it is the only way to create change!

  7. I’m an educator, I don’t think there is such as thing as anonymous anymore. Too many things nowadays can be traced, even this posting. As much as I want to complain, I still need my job. I used to love my job but the last few years have been terrible. HEA has been silent, they are suppose to be the the teachers’ voice. We need the parents to speak up. LOUDLY!

    1. “We need the parents to speak up.”

      Therein lies the problem Bandet, the parents who need to speak up have been rendered powerless because they are voiceless. The person(s) who are supposed to be their voice is part of the problem. Dr. Dawson must be rolling over in his grave.

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