Let There Be No Division Among Us

Let there be no division among you, but let each one have the same care for one another. –1 Corinthian 12:25

Just as children test and trick their parents when they want something, the school board, along with all of the superintendents (and former “excellent superintendents” who are leaving town before this is over) are seemingly hoping for much the same thing with their closing “plan.”

(I intend no offense to children. You’re a child; that’s your job. Adults leading school systems should know better.)

By pitting us against each other, they’re hoping that we won’t notice the ruin they’re spreading across our city.

So, I’m writing today to call for unity to oppose these misguided intentions. From the north to the south, we are not separated by the distance or history between us. East and west agree that all of our schools are needed to educate our children. On the mountains and in the valleys, we all believe in high standards and lofty goals for our kids regardless of the beliefs of our temporary consultant (who’s making $600 a day to hurl those insults, by the way).

I’m writing to say the following:

Save Butler High School


Save Davis Hills Middle


Save Ed White Middle


Save Westlawn Middle


Save Whitesburg Middle


Save Mountain Gap Middle


Save Monte Sano Elementary


Save Whitesburg Elementary


Save Mountain Gap Elementary


Save West Mastin Lake Elementary


Save Montview Elementary


Since Dr. Richardson admitted last night that the plans he has already implemented will have our system operating in the black in two years, there is no need for these closings. Therefore, there is no need for division among us. If April 27th and a lack of ice and gas couldn’t divide us, overpaid outsiders and former superintendents can’t either.

Let the School Board take note: We will all work together to save our schools.

"Children see magic because they look for it." --Christopher Moore, Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Jesus' childhood pal.


  1. Amen, Russell! Great job last night! I hope we save all of these schools! They’ve already closed my middle school (Stone), praying my high school (Butler) stays open…..and obviously our sweet Mt. Gap Elementary and Middle. Have known friends that have went to ALL of these schools and I am so with you. Close none.

  2. Thanks for encouraging everyone to look at the bigger picture. Personally, I would hate to see any of these schools close. HOWEVER, that being said, I would be willing to support it IF I felt like the people making the decisions knew what they were doing. Bottom line is, I don’t feel like I can trust ANYTHING they say. I agree with you in that I think the best thing to do is to work TOGETHER, and that means everybody that has a child at ANY Huntsville City school. Thank you!

    1. Leanne,

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      I agree that it is possible to make a case for closing a school. You’re right. They haven’t come close to making a logical argument supporting any closings.

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